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Welcome to Eurreca!
Welcome to EURRECA!
Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are essential for proper growth and development. In Europe, micronutrient recommendations often vary widely between countries. Harmonised recommendations based on up-to-date science and improved means to reach them are thus needed.
Funded by the European Commission, EURRECA is a Network of Excellence developing methodologies to standardise the process of setting micronutrient recommendations. It is expected that the results will improve the health of European citizens. Read more...

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In this webinar Dr Laura Contor explains the work carried out by the Network and how this will benefit the micronutrient requirement setting process in the future.
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The EURRECA micronutrient requirement process framework aspires to be used as a practical tool for defining the appropriate process for deriving dietary reference values. The nine activities of the framework can be clustered into four stages (i) defining the problem, (ii) monitoring and evaluating, iii) deriving dietary reference values and (iv) using dietary reference values in policy making. Read more

Over the course of the 5.5 year project, EURRECA generated different kinds of outputs that can be categorized as: i) frameworks/models; ii) scientific publications; iii) databases and software programmes, iv) e-learning tools and v) dissemination material. Read more
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