Excellent health is essential for everyone, whether you are engaged in sports or not and as such, we look for ways to better educate people on how to increase their health. We believe that with good health, all aspects of our life somehow start getting better such as our physical strength, our psychological well-being as well as our spiritual connections. Such reasons are why we delve into the various ways that people can get healthier.

Who are we?

Euro Research Campaign is a not-for-profit organization that got founded in a bid to spread more awareness on the importance of health. Our primary focus is the health of people engaged in sports as we try to find ways to enhance their performance through natural and safe methods that include clean eating. We hope to reach more people and have positive impacts on their health.

You are what you eat

Fruits and vegetables
The success of an athlete out on the track or someone out there playing soccer gets determined by how healthy they are and how much work they put into their body. You may exercise for hours on end, and yet you do not get the results that you wish to have at the end of the day. Why is this? You are probably eating the wrong foods. If everything in your body is working fine and you are still lagging behind when it comes to fitness levels, take a look at your plate, and you might just find your answer. Diet plays a huge role in how healthy you are.


You have heard doctors, as well as nutritionists, insist that people must accompany their healthy meals with fruits and vegetables and we believe in the same thing. Micronutrients get found in various food sources and play a prominent role in ensuring that your physiological functions get carried out efficiently. All foods contain some level of micronutrients, and the more healthy food is, the more there is in store for you. We go deep into the world of micronutrients to help you decide on the best foods for your body. As always, everything must get done in moderation.

Doping in Sport

Drugging refers to the use of illegal substance in a bid to enhance performance in contests. Sportspeople use such drugs as a shortcut to success where they hope to outdo their competitors, leading to unfair competition. Regulatory sports boards across the globe refer to the use of performance-enhancing drugs as drugging, and they are against such practices because they are not ethical.

The practice began a long time ago when people discovered that they could take drugs to enhance their performances. This realization was way back when chariot racing was a sport, and it has gone on to interfere with games to this day. Authorities all over the sporting world are doing their best to curb this practice by penalizing and disqualifying sportspeople found to be using such drugs. The main reason behind such reactions is that these drugs pose health problems to those who use them.

Drugging also gives some sportspeople an unfair advantage over others, and they end up winning competitions that they should not have if they had not used drugs. Using such performance-enhancing drugs is in violation of the very spirit of sport which advocates for the best man to win in a fair manner, rather than by cheating. Nowadays it’s extremely easy to gather information about this topic and often specialised sports apps provide news on latest drug regulations, requirements and scandals.

Chemicals used in drugging


Steroids have for the last two decades taken center stage when it comes to the issue of drugging, and they get viewed as an epidemic out to wipe out the spirit of sport. Research conducted on these chemicals shows that they have a limited effect on the physical and mental well-being of sportspeople and that the results are reversible.
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