Micronutrients occur in the form of vitamins and minerals, and they play crucial roles in the building of your anatomy as well as the functioning of normal anatomy processes. Check out the various tasks carried out by these nourishments.


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This nutrient works towards ensuring that the fluid levels in your anatomy are well balanced by correcting any imbalances in the system. It also adjusts the passing of fluids from one cell to another through the cell membranes and monitors the level of pH in your blood.


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If you have been feeling low on energy, it is probably the time for you to add some manganese to your diet as it plays a crucial role in the creation of energy. Aside from that, it is critical in the formation and the building of bones in the anatomy and having manganese in your diet will reduce the level of bone deterioration in your anatomy.

It is critical that the elderly take an appropriate amount of this nutrient to prevent them from getting complications due to brittle bones. It is best if you start taking the nutrient early on in life as this will further protect you.

Manganese also helps the anatomy out when it comes to the synthesis of macronourishments such as proteins and fats, allowing standard anatomy processes to take place smoothly.


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Want to ensure that your heart keeps beating at a steady rate? Well, incorporate magnesium into your diet and keep enjoying that rhythm. What this nutrient does is that it helps the anatomy convert blood sugar to energy, resulting in higher energy levels in your anatomy to allow you perform activities with ease.

It also takes up the role of helping the anatomy synthesize macronourishments such as Vitamin C and calcium which are critical in fighting off skin diseases and bone deterioration respectively.

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This nutrient is critical in the creation of red blood cells, and it enables oxygen to get transported throughout the anatomy. Lacking this nutrient means that you do not get enough red blood cells in the anatomy and this leads to complications such as anemia which can be fatal.

Shortness of breath and fainting can occur when not enough oxygen is getting to the tissues in the anatomy.


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The building and the functioning of the thyroid gland depend on the occurrence of this nutrient in the anatomy. Lack of iodine leads to complications such as goiter and poor cognitive building and as such, it is necessary that people consume adequate amounts of foods rich in it.

The nutrient also works in the anatomy to metabolize fats, thus releasing energy into the system to enable you to be active.


This nutrient works to regulate water as well as the electrolytes present in your cells to ensure that they get maintained at optimum levels. It also controls the pH levels in your cells.

These nourishments are especially useful for pregnant women and young children who require a lot of protection from diseases and whose bodies are undergoing building. Failure to have these nourishments in the anatomy leads to complications such as low weight, blindness and other conditions in children.

It can get seen that micronourishments are critical in our bodies as they serve various purposes. Not only do they increase the amount of energy in us but they also ensure the creation if necessary hormones and cells while making sure that we are immune from diseases and contributing to bone building. You can take supplements for these nourishments under the consultation of your doctor. Be sure not to consume too many as you only require the nourishments in minimal amounts.